GWP Ideas

Premium Merchandising: Customised Bar Blades

If looking for a really useful product that’s small, handy and can be fully customised, then this bar blade may do just the trick.

As a fantastic marketing idea for the drinks industry and any industry giving away this practical product, this bottle opener has its advantages. Made out of a sturdy stainless steel material it’s durable and will serve your customers for a long time!

Why  use this premium bar blade for merchandise?

Boost your sales. Giving these branded bottle openers as a gift with purchase can help you achieve competitive advantage and increase your sales as all customers love free gifts. Customers will definitely want to get this useful bottle opener and customers will remember your brand for giving away gifts.
Practicality. This durable marketing gift can provide you with long term advertising due to its good quality material and your brand logo placed on it. It can be good for on-pack promos and also can be used as a bar blade meaning its practical for use in bars, gatherings with friends and family, and for personal use.
Brand visibility. At a time when ordinary bottle openers would take a place this item is so compact that it can be fit into your customer’s pocket. Considering this, your customers will see your brands logo on this bottle opener every time.