GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Branded Chopping Boards

Why use the Cheeseboard or Chopping board as  merchandise products?

Oatcakes, Chutneys and Cheese go well with Wine! What a smart way to enhance customer’s experiences when they enjoy the brand’s product. Simply pack the other matching or related items into the promo pack capture attention in the stores.


 Attractive Packaging

We like how the brand displays its contents in the pack, such arrangement provides clear visibility. Excellent choice of color adds value to the promo pack, drawing more customers, increasing sales for the company.


The cheeseboard with its brand logo will serve as a brand reminder for customers whenever they use it. Brilliant marketing move by the company. However, we feel that the perceived value of this promo can be further increased if brand logo is engraved on wooden handle of the cheese knives.