Classy Merchandise: Backpacks for Matua

Functional Packs, The benefits and the uses to drive sales:

  • Increase Perceived Value – As a brand has status, it emboldens that status with functional products, and merchandise. This is especially true for liquor merchandise.

  • Purchase with purchase – A great use for functional bags such as these is purchase with purchase. Liquor merchandise is often used this way to drive sales via a discounted bag or bottle alongside a purchase of another item. Shoes is a popular example of this. Purchase with purchase is a great way to add value to your product, increasing sales.

  • Brand exposure -As eluded to previously, brand exposure is essential for any marketing campaign. In the growing liquor products industry, it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Using functional products for liquor merchandise is a great way to expose those less known brands, ultimately driving sales.

  • Varied product portfolio – Adding products to your portfolio can really flesh out your brand, an empty web shop never fares well for businesses, and using functional products for retail purpose is a great way to expand your product portfolio, while simultaneously benefiting your branding potential. These bags show a great way to do this with many types.