Innovative Merchandise

Functional Merchandise: Custom-Shaped USB Flashdrive

 The first USB stick was sold in the magical year of 2000, and immediately became a worldwide hit. It’s amazing to think about how far technology has come in less than twenty years, and nowadays Flashdrives are almost staple items that everyone has. The first generation USB sticks only had a storage capacity of 8mb, which roughly equates to only a few files.

As of 2016, however, there are already USB sticks with 1 terrabyte capacity. The market is saturated with so many innovations for the use of Custom USB sticks. Because USB sticks have been around for such a long time, it might be difficult to come up with new ideas for designs. 

USB sticks might not be that special, but that’s no reason to use boring Custom USB sticks! This premium design has a leather strap and a magnet attached to it.  Functionality and style in one. A brand name or logo can be put on the leather strap, or etched into the metal. This type of Custom USB sticks would be perfect to set the tone of your company. These USBs have a luxurious feel to them, making them perfect corporate gifts or promotional products for CEOs.