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Merchandising Ideas: Modern Trends for Pens

In order to compete with the latest technologies, with the thread of being totally replaced by the inflow of electronic gadgets, the suppliers of writing instruments nowadays need to be exceptionally creative. And they succeed! Here we have collected the most interesting and innovative designs for pens, which will for sure stand out of the regular range of premium items. They will definitely bring lots of attention to your brand.

1. Stylus + Retractable Ballpen

In 2016 pens need to adjust to our new acquired habits to constantly interact with our smartphones and tablets. Here comes the brilliant idea of combining two functions: a usual ballpoint and stylus. The retractable mechanism is the same as those we used to have in pens for decades. The nib pushes straight through the conductive stylus, offering an immediate advantage.

2. Promotional Pens as Phone Holders

This kind of pen seems to look pretty regular, until you notice that the slot on the lid is designed specially to serve as holder stand for your mobile device. Can be used upright while you are at work so you can see your notifications. Great for watching videos in portrait mode as well. Workable with various models of cellphones.

3. Custom Desktop Table Pen

Perfect promotional product for banks and offices, where visitors always forget to return pens taken. All stands include customisable printing of your company information, logo, or branding. A wide range of colour choices allows you to match the colour theme of your company. Or you can choose a selection of colours for greater marketing flexibility.

4. Modern Version of Classic Metal Design

Prefer time-proven solid and classic design and materials? Chromed metal aluminium pen in its totally innovative, high-tech looking version.

5. All-in-One

To sum up all the mentioned above: this multi-purpose item including 5 functions in one. The ball pen, stylus, screen cleaner, phone holder and anti dust plug in one item! And we can personally add one more: it serves as perfect product for brand advertising.