GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise: Steak Knives as GWP

On-Pack Packaging such as the one shown above is effective in capturing consumer attention and adds value to the main item. This gift with purchase will definitely boost sales and enhance brand value given the strong colours and attractive packaging.

Promotional items like knives are often good for branding and advertising. A simple logo printing on the surface of the handle will remind consumers of your brand. Knives are great gifts and are a cost effective way to market your brand.

Benefits of Marketing Gift Collaboration

All in all, this collaboration boost the marketing efforts of both parties. The knife can increase its sales through the bundled promotion. No matter what our business is, there will be a suitable marketing gift that we can use. We don’t always have to collaborate with famous characters or brands. Customise your marketing gift to please your customers. This way, you can communicate your brand philosophy effectively.