Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: Branded Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to including promos into our marketing campaign we can always think about trending items like bluetooth speaker as a product. These premium items are really cool to offer to our clients and can be used as gifts with purchases, on pack gifts or even giveaways at events.

When we think about bluetooth products we normally associate it with speakers. Can-shaped speakers, study speakers, normal speakers, etc.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth speakers?

One important matter when choosing the right product is the branding space. On their cover, the speakers offer a great branding area to print your logo, your company’s anniversary or your products on it. Furthermore they can be easily customised and are available in many different shapes and colors.

Besides the various shapes and colors, we can offer different kinds of waterproof Bluetooth speakers. With a branded waterproof speaker, your branded logo can be shown on hot summer days in the pool or at the beach in holidays. Seeing the branded logo on the speakers during holiday, the costumer will connect the great feeling of a day at the beach with your brand.

How can you use the speakers for your business?

The speakers can have many different benefits, depending on how you offer them to your customers. One possibility is to offer them as free giveaway, on pack gift or redemption gift. That way you will reach as many potential clients as possible, with the great benefit of increasing sales and better brand recognition.

When you want to use products to improve your customer retention, you can offer them as branded merchandise. By offering branded merchandise in your online shop or in stores you will have the great benefit that you will still raising profit by doing a marketing campaign.