Merchandising Strategies: Boosting Your Brand Through Function

One way to boost a wine company's sales is to offer gifts that not only look great, but also serve a function to the customer's overall brand and product experience. Here are some examples of complimentary items that can be paired with wine products.

Wine is best served chilled. What makes this gift attractive to wine consumers is its functional purpose and aesthetic appeal. A wine cooler not only serves it practical purpose, it also serves as a creative way to establish a brand's identity as there are numerous ways to present their logo and image using a wine cooler. We can come up with different wine cooler designs based on the brand's aesthetic, making the brand's product easily distinguishable from other brands' products.

These complimentary items can increase brand awareness and establish a brand's image. Compared to other forms of temporal advertising such as print and strategic ad placements such as billboards, creative merchandise can expose your brand for longer periods of time. High-end gifts that offer style and functionality enhances the customer's brand experience and satisfaction. Making customers feel that they are getting more value out of their money will surely increase their loyalty to the brand and make their experience with the brand worthwhile and memorable.

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