Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: The Importance of Packaging

Packaging plays a very important role in increasing the perceived value of the gift you are offering. Promo gifts offered as an on-pack gift is often low end products. Customers may be able to tell and the product will lose its appeal. 

Why should you pay attention to custom packaging?

Makes Brand More Important. First of all custom packaging is essential tool in order to increase brand awareness. It is important to present the product to your target audience in the right light. There is a direct relationship between the type of packaging and product’s price. And we can see this fact on the example of these expensive drinks and their high-end packaging.

Product Protection. Custom packaging has a lot of functions but the main is protection. Drinks bottles are all made from glass – quite fragile material. But with this custom packaging you can keep calm about product safety. Firstly bottles are fixed inside the packaging box, so they will not hover during the carriage. Secondly these promotional gift boxes tightly close due to special mechanism.

Design Appeal. The second packaging function is advertising. Packaging is often called as “silent seller”. Usually it highlights a certain product among others and motivates customer to make a purchase. That’s why it is really important to make custom packaging.