Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: Functional Gadgets

Offering premium  products is the best way to increase brand awareness and recognition. A great way to use promotional items is to use  gadgets like power banks or USB flash drives to show your company and your products are modern minded.

In our highly technologised world both items are commonly used. Every owner of a smartphone appreciates the benefits of a power bank and every office in the world needs USB flash drives. Therefore these two promotional gadgets are great to improve costumer awareness and retention.

What are the benefits of premium gadgets?

The power banks and USB flash drives offer a great branding area on the cover. It’s easy to promote your logo, your artwork or you company’s anniversary on it. The powerbanks are available in many different colors, so you can choose the right color to fit your company logo.

The powerbanks and flash drives are available in every possible shape, so you can promote your recently launched product with a personalized power bank. These items allow you to be creative in your marketing approach, because you can customize them after your own needs. These have the added benefit of being a business card replacement to your potential customers, but with the bonus feature of actually functioning as a tangible item customers could use.

We’ve all had the pain of not being able to transfer our documents from our computer to our tablets. Using email or connecting the tablet to PC can be a nuisance, this is where the USB gift can be useful. The USB drive can be loaded with documents and will connect to all tablets a perfect way to transfer documents without any hassle. It is therefore a good way to create more brand awareness for your company, because a lot of people find those USB drives easy to use.

You can easily make customer segmentations and choose the right target group, when using these gadgets as a part of your marketing strategy. USB-drives and power banks are used in many companies as mentioned earlier and will therefore be great if your target group is among some there.