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Merchandise Ideas: Iconic Shot Glasses for Brand Identity

The world of drinking glasses is fascinating with so many different types of glasses to choose from.  Nobody can have a complete set of all styles of drinking glasses in their kitchen cupboard, so this means there is no end to the collectible nature of these – making them perfect for marketing gifts.

Some drinks have to be specially served in a specific glass, such as champagne or certain liquors. You can’t serve wine in a shot glass or champagne in a beer mug.  As a beverage brand, it is important to educate your customers on what kind of glassware to use and the different characteristics of such.


Shot glasses are part of the Tumbler family of glasses, mostly used to drink or measure small doses of alcohol (between 44ml – 50ml). Across the world different sizes of shot glasses are common. There are an immense variations of shot glass shapes, due to the production process which enables unique mould creations to be mass produced using the machine blown production process.Customization is very easy using the mold process, different sizes, shapes and dimensions are feasible as well as printing logos and brand names.