Innovative Merchandise

Merchandising Strategies: Strengthening Bonds with your Consumers

One of the things you should consider is your brand's interaction with your consumers. The best merchandise you can produce are these wine barrels since it encourages creativity and craft from the other end of the relationship. 

Why invest on this innovation?

Increased perceived value: This beer product idea doesn’t look like a tacky and cheap item, but as a well-built and quality item that will increase the perceived value of your customers. The barrel is perceived as an exclusive beer tower that add an extra worth to having a drink. That is the consumers will get a perfect temperature beer with a cool barrel dispenser.

Customer retention: Unless you distinguish yourself for the beer itself only, it is a good idea to aim to offer something characteristic that make people curious and give them a reason to choose your brand against another. This beer product idea could be that peculiarity for which people are willing to order your beer and keep doing it.

Advertising: The barrel has a very large area for branding but also advertising or custom designs. Ideal to be displayed in restaurants, pubs, at events and so on. Moreover, if you make sure the barrel to be used exclusively with your beer brand, people will pay more attention to your company and if they like the idea they will spread the word, of you offering a perfect combination of beer and peculiar barrel shape cooler dispenser.