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Merchandise Ideas: Minimalist and Slick Premium Designs

Wine is a staple drink in almost every bar. What’s better for your brand recognition than a Branded glass? Customers who order a drink with your brand can not only enjoy the taste, but also the visual entertainment of the Branded glass. These glasses not only capture the essence of your drink, they also showcase your brand’s depth and specialization in this field. By serving your liquor in a signature, custom made glass makes your brand stand out from other brands that do not have such products.


Point of sale promotion: This Branded glass could be used in bars or at home on display in your drinks cabinet to advertise your brand. When buying a glass of this specific brand of wine, customers tend to like their drink served with a matching glass to accompany the drink. Therefore, this glass will be on show to more customers. The nicer looking the glass, the more likely the customer will buy this product.

Increase Perceived Value: By offering an on-pack gift that is used together with the actual product along with a premium packaging, the perceived value is increased even further. Customers are more likely to pick a specific brand over competitors in the same industry when a free gift is offered.

Customer retention: Printing a logo on the Branded glass, will definitely help with Customer Retention. Customers will be reminded of the brand every time they use the product. This is one reason why an On-Pack gift like this would be a very successful marketing gift.