Merchandising Ideas: Branded Powerbanks for your Brand

Branded power banks are a fantastic way to market your brand. In a now ever technological world people everywhere are using their mobile phones, tablets and electronic gadgets on a daily basis. Also fitted with USB Ports and a LED Display on the front, this branded power bank is a great innovation for increasing brand activation. 

This power bank has a large square shaped surface area making this power bank’s branding style easy for placing your logo and design. Some designs may even incorporate LED lighting; with LED lighting on the front, it provides a great opportunity to illuminate a brand even in the dark. And what’s more at the top it even has LED lighting showing the percentage of battery power left, this definitely adds the feature of convenience, bonus! 

This sleek designed branded power bank also has two USB ports making it functional for usage with more than one device, and has a capacity of 7800 mah, increasing this products practicality. 

There are numerous ways to use this premium power bank. If your target is to increase your brand popularity, you can give them away for free during exhibitions, this increases the reach you will have on potential customers and will enhance your brand recognition and awareness.

Another way is to offer this power bank as a redemption gift or for use as gift with purchase to raise your in store sales as this will help enhance your product recognition.