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Practical Merchandising: Serving Trays for Brand Visibility

Serving trays add additional levels of sophistication to parties or dinner events. They also allow for more food and drinks to be served at once. This gives greater efficiency to servers compared to just using.

Trays can come in variety of designs – can custom manufacture from simple circular trays to the square rectangular trays with handles.

They can also be non slip with usage of materials such as felt, EVA foam base or rubberising sufaces, ensuring that items on the tray would not slip and fall off.

Serving trays can also be customised by shape or material to help suit the companies product positioning needs.  Some suggestions for manufacturing materials:

  • Bamboo
  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood (with felt)
  • Inflatable material

Trays can be viewed as high perceived value depending on material and designs used, making it a versatile marketing tool.

Overall, as a premium item, the serving tray provides utility through better serving of food and drinks as well as long term direct advertising through printing of logo onto the base or sides of the tray. Its ability to be customized in terms of features and design makes it a great classy product for companies to consider.

Use them in gift with purchases campaigns for consumers or as bar advertising for maximum effect.