Strategic Marketing: Media Tool Kits for a New Brand Campaign

What should a press kit contain?

The content of any press kits is actually quite standard and all of them have some rules to follow.

All these are done to create a hype from consumers and make people anticipate the release of the brand. To do so, unique items should be created to impress. It might even be nice to innovate and create a  functional product presented in a not so ordinary way. 

Creativity is the main point of any press kit.

Do no forget that the main goal of such a marketing campaign is still to increase awareness. Press kits are offered to get articles and blog posts from influential people within the media and marketing industries. The more these people are amazed by the product and the content of the press kit, the more they will be encouraged to write a review or cover story for this feature.

Of course, it is also very nice to propose a press kit that is numbered (limited edition). That way the product can  become a limited edition collectible. A press kit is not distributed to many people -only journalists or so-. Thus, the allocated budget for these type of projects can be quite high! So what are you waiting for?