Innovative Merchandising: Using Mobile Apps for your Merchandise

Near Field Communication is a leading interactive communication solution. Technology is moving at a very fast pace and new innovative ideas are springing up continuously. In this modern age, smartphones and devices are becoming an important aspect of everyday life and innovation is leading the way for constant change. A new technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) is gaining the attention of many. This technology allows a form of contact-less communication between devices and any item that is implanted with the NFC technology.

Photo from the Kerve Creative Team

Photo from the Kerve Creative Team

Near Field Communication Product Examples

Presented below are just a few examples of products that are enhanced with NFC technology to become an even more powerful marketing tool for driving awareness and interaction.

NFC tags can be accessed and read by blackberry, android and windows 8 operating systems. Some of the main functions that NFC allows include the following:

  • Browse and make payments for online shopping
  • Make reservations and booking
  • Be directed to a website
  • Linked to Facebook page
  • Connected as a follower to a Twitter page.