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Merchandising Ideas: Gift Sets to Boost Sales

Gift sets would naturally have a much higher perceived value than a single promotional gift item.  With such a unique yet meaningful gift set offered, people would be enticed to purchase them. To add on, the alcohol gift set comes alone with so many different spices for consumers to accompany the vodka. This would definitely be able to help boost Skyy Vodka’s sales as it would be able to act as an incentive to attract consumers into selecting their vodka over the others.

Offering Attractive Yet Useful Gift Items

To effectively achieve your marketing aim of boosting sales, be sure that you offer gift items that are related to the products you are selling. This way, people would be more interested in purchasing your products if the gift items are attractive and useful.

Johnnie Walker is now offering different spices in each shot glasses as a gift set. With the spices already placed in the shot glasses, consumers are able to pour the vodka into the shot glasses to go along with different spices for a unique taste.


Branding your company logo on the premium gifts you are offering to your consumers would potentially increase brand awareness greatly. When consumers carry this gift set boxes out or using them at home, other people would be able to notice Skyy Vodka's brand name. These branded items could act as a free walking advertisement for your company and ultimately increase sales in the long run. Hurry and get your very own branded gift items to offer your consumers!