Innovative Merchandise

Luxurious Merchandise: Cocktail Sets for your Brand

People are always after the newest marketing products to make the mixing of their drinks that much more enjoyable, and cocktail shakers are one piece of equipment that are definitely needed to make up your favourite mojito or cosmopolitan.

However, cocktail shakers can be difficult to use if you don’t know how to make cocktails yourself, however this unique cocktail shaker brings an easier way to learn the art of cocktail making.

Marketing products like these are unique and will make fun products to give to friends and family during social nights and parties, and also nice products to give away for purchase gifts. They also come in a great steel gift set, including a drinks measurer, cocktail stirrer as well as a strainer.

Why do these make cool ideas as marketing products for liquor companies?

  • Increase product portfolio. These make fantastic marketing products to give away as alcohol gift sets items, and can increase your product portfolio as it emphasises what drinks can be created using your brands alcohol.
  • Brand exposure. If used during events, in bars, at your house or during summer parties for example, it will be on show to lots of potential customers. If they see how useful and unique this shaker is, it will also increase your brands recall.