POS Merchandising: Custom Bottle Holders

When it comes to looking for different promotional solutions for our marketing campaign we always need to brainstorm a variety of possibilities we could use in order to be able to evaluate every option and find the best one that fits to our company. As summer season is approaching one of the industries that normally boost their brand value are the ones concentrated in drinks as people always need to get hydrated and it can be used in different environments as beaches.

These custom bottle holders are perfect for a drinks promotion. Whether it is alcoholic, non alcoholic, wine or beer, these items would work great as a point of sale display to make your company stand out from and give off a stylish appearance to all those that walk past.

M&E BV Bottle Holder.jpg

Why do we like these custom bottle holders?

Brand visibility. These custom bottle holders can be used during events to promote a brand. Once the logo of the company will be printed on this, it will allow a great brand exposure.

Practicality. Made of high-end stainless steel, they are very pleasant to the touch and easy to put on the bottle. We also like this material because it will perfectly meet ergonomic needs.