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Outdoor Merchandise: Tritan Cups by Wolf Blass

Why you should consider promotional plastic cups for your campaign?

These promotional cups are great idea because:

1. For production we use a special type of high quality plastic – Tritan. This is very flexible and a durable material  which makes the cups almost unbreakable! This is a great advantage and it allows you to use plastic cups for outdoor events.


2. Cups can have any classic shape such as wine/Champaign/cognac glass and are available in any standard volume – e.g. 350 ml, 600 ml, 650 ml. You could even have a rocking whiskey glass or in fact any the shape to fit your design and requirements. It’s completely customizable!

3. Good quality material gives a high end feel and sophisticated look.
4. Available in different translucent colours and 1 colour logo printing on the cup.
5. Tritan is the best plastic material and most suitable for production of tableware, as it is totally food safe. You can check this blog about other types of plastic for products which goes in contact with food.

Promotional plastic cups are just great as an item for your marketing campaign which will increase brand visibility and the image of the company. This product can be associated not only with alcoholic brands and beverages, but also with soft drinks and non-alcoholic. It can be perfectly utilized for promotion in bars, at outdoor events, corporate parties or banquets.

Plastic cups come in high end packaging giving a VIP feeling to the product and adds perceived value. The packaging can be completely customized with your brand requirements and go along with your corporate style.

A set of plastic wine glasses with high end packaging will become a great gift for your special business partners and important clients. Alcohol brands might use promotional plastic cups as a purchase with purchase or for distribution in bars or liquor stores.