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Merchandise for Big Events: Branded Umbrellas by A'tivo

The takeaway point from this promotion is that a concept will work anywhere if you set the mood first. Whether you place these items in an expo or a supermarket, the customers will perceive them similarly. 

M&E_Ativo Umbrella.jpg


What’s great about the branded garden umbrella?

Design: Indeed, they make the drinks promo look very vibrant, which ties in well with their summer theme and adapts to A'tivo's aim to be the life of every party. Moreover, with clear branding on the customized deck chairs and umbrella, this will make your brand more memorable and raise brand awareness.

Practical: These products are functional items that people can sit on and use. Although POS displays are popular marketing tools these day, A'tivo's strategy gives consumers a nice experience.

High quality: The wooden and metal frames used to build the promo items seem very sturdy and long lasting. Also, the logos and images have gone through full-color printing, based on how sharp they look. Particularly when you are offering a high-end product, you want to make sure that this also reflects in your promotional items.