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On-Pack Merchandise: Gifts for your Loyal Consumers

Reasons to Recreate On-Pack Glasses:

Purity. The products seem fantastic and newsworthy even without loud colors painted on them. The only noticeable pigment is the white writing on the tulip glasses.

Clarity. The Campari logo clearly shows on the drinking vessels. It basically blends in the material, yet nobody can doubt its roots after seeing it up-close.

Symmetry. Any of these glasses can match the grace that the brand exudes. You need this balance to become visible, especially if you wish to advertise to a high-end target market.

The glass containers are very suitable to companies whose desired consumers belong to the wealthier spectrum. A sense of class flows out of them and attracts various individuals to make a purchase. Most of the time, you won’t have to spend on other marketing schemes to promote these vessels.

Negroni Glass2.jpg