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Classy Merchandise: Champagne Glasses with Premium Design

How does offering an on pack promotion help?

In every marketing effort, uniqueness makes a company stand out from the competitors. This unique quality can be derived from either your brand, or the quality of your gift. If you can offer a gift that is complimentary to the product you are selling, it enhances the value of the purchase. This gives more reason for customers to purchase. This is seen with the champagne glasses Sterling Vineyards is offering as their on pack promotion.

sterling glass.jpg

Glasses and Cups are considered a commonly offered on pack promotion gift, this is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, with low production cost makes this on pack promotion gift a highly sought after one. Therefore, companies that don’t have much budget would most likely take up this promotion. Of course with a higher quality product, the gift can reflect the high quality. In the case of Sterling Vineyards, you can offer high quality glasses free with purchase of a bottle.

Glasses are easy to manufacture and design. This allows a great range of customisability for various marketing campaigns or themes. These products also have excellent branding potential, as Sterling Vineyards has shown through their on pack promotion, you can place your brand on the side of the glass.