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Customised Umbrellas for Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

Promotional products like customised umbrellas are a great promotional tool to include in your marketing strategy. It is an advertising product, which creates high visibility, as umbrellas are an item, which is used in public. Umbrellas are good for rainy and sunny days and are therefore a good way to increase your company’s brand awareness.

Umbrellas are produced in many different designs and materials. This naturally gives companies fantastic potential to customise umbrellas with their own logo and designs through their marketing strategy.


Customised Umbrellas leads to Increased Brand Awareness

Umbrellas can be customized to your branding requirements. The shape and color of the umbrellas can be chosen so it fits to your logo or company color. Statement, slogans or contact information’s can be printed on the umbrella to help increasing brand awareness. You can also chose to brand your umbrella on the inside with a full color print, which makes the umbrellas look unique. Below we see an example of an umbrella with full color print inside.

How can Umbrellas increase Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness will be enhanced when people use umbrellas in public. People who come across these customized umbrellas would be able to learn about the company through information or logos that are printed on the umbrella. To gain a greater audience attention you need to do something unique and creative. Below we see an example of a branded LED umbrella, which creates much more attention when it’s night time.

In summary promotional products, like customized umbrellas, are an excellent advertising product if you want to increase brand awareness and thus boost sales. You have great possibilities for customising your umbrella and thus make it more unique to create more attention.