Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Unique Merchandising: Staying Ahead of the Competition

As every business is specific and needs a unique product for their promotional needs. It is important to be to stay ahead of competitors while keeping a strong brand awareness.

What can be interesting about an ordinary glass you might ask? Unique marketing products are very useful for gaining new customers in a flooded industry. Most importantly, they can be used on almost any cup or glass and make their ability to expose your brand high.

Being highly customizable and available in a variety of shapes and colours, the possibilities to promote your brand are endless.  Your ideas set the limits. Together we can find a way to grow your sales and brand.


Why do we advise decorating promotional glasses as a new marketing idea?

Sponsorship marketing. Great promotional idea for you if you are going to sponsor and contribute to sport activities and liquor campaigns.
Unique Branding.They are  fully customisable products, due to this you can achieve a better brand exposure and convey any information to your clients.
Repeated sales. Customers will want purchase multiple items to build their collection. As a result, they make a great gift. Once someone has received one as a gift they will want to buy more to expand their collection too.