Innovative Merchandise

Premium Cocktail Shakers for Increased Brand Visibility

A party wouldn’t be a party without that cheeky cocktail or mocktail to celebrate and add some class to your time out with your friends and family, so why not use a premium cocktail shaker to get the party started and create your own alcoholic blend of fruit, fun and drink?

Cocktail shakers are premium gift ideas for bars, events, clubs, and drinks venues for any occasion. They make very useful drinks marketing merchandise and help to make the simplest of drinks taste just that little bit nicer.

A cocktail shaker can be printed with a logo on two sides of its metal surface, giving plenty of potential to increase your brand exposure. Such metal shaker looks professional and would add a sense of class to any brand's display.

How will this cocktail shaker increase your brand exposure?

  • Brand exposure. Cocktail shakers are often used in bars, especially for that girly night out, or that classy dinner. More often than not they are always out on display in front with the drinks display, and this will provide high exposure to customers coming in and out of the bar as customers always look at the drinks behind the cabinet, restaurant, or even club to decide on what they want.
  • When bar staff make cocktails, the customer will most likely wait at the bar and watch the waiter mix the drink. If they use your cocktail shaker, the customer will be immediately exposed to your brand's logo.
  • As gifts in on-pack campaigns, these make valuable gifts for those who like to add a tinge of flavour when mixing their drinks! Making these shakers very functional.