GWP Ideas

Brand Activation: Functional Backpacks for your Campaign

Premium backpacks offer a wonderful solution to both travelers and companies in need of brand activation. They are very durable and have many side pockets to carry even the smallest items with you. The fabric of the backpack offers a lot of open space for your company name and logo.

The backpack can be designed with different colour accents as well. This way, the bag can be matched to any brand colour, making it even more customisable. They have a very robust look to them, so anyone could wear them. The logo can be placed on the big panel in the middle, or on the smaller panel on the bottom of the backpack.

Why produce a premium canvas Backpack?

Brand Awareness & Exposure: When meeting people anywhere the first thing you will look at is their face and upper body. When carrying this backpack, people will immediately see what you are wearing and will more likely notice your brand and product.

Practicality. The practicality of these functional products makes this backpack a great way of boosting your sales. These products will be used every day and everywhere, because of its functionality, which will spread the word not only about this campaign, but also about your brand and other products as well.

Design Appeal. The Promotional Backpack comes in a range of colours to choose from as well as many different prints available and even space for your logo to be placed in a fun and great looking way.