Innovative Merchandise

Premium Merchandising: Bottle Glorifiers for your Campaign

Bottle glorifiers are great tools to capture the attention of patrons at clubs, bars and restaurants.  Bottle glorifiers display spirits and beers in the most attractive manner to capture the mood and image of the individual drinks.  The display is a strong on site advertisement and a good display will result in greatly increased sales.

Nowadays, bottle glorifiers are very popular premium items. A glance through the market and we will find  wide variety of bottle glorifiers.

Colour, is one of the most basic branding requirements and we are able to match the pantones of the drink we are promoting. This Skyy Vodka bottle glorifier definitely exemplifies quality and class due to the use of multiple high end materials. Lighting or Sound can also be integrated to improve the overall outlook of the display. To promote a wide range of alcoholic beverages, some bottle glorifiers contain more than one bottle showcasing the depth of the brand. We can also arrange for this kind of POS to be adapted for tastings across the range of tastes or vintages of the product.