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Merchandising Ideas: Rustic Mugs for your Brand

Marketing campaigns involving mugs have become too common to find as on-pack gifts. People just expect to see them everywhere and therefore it is not a massive hit anymore. Why not play around a bit with the designs? 

How will these rustic mugs enable your brand to raise its awareness and branding?

  • These mugs can be fully customised with your logo branding through heat transfer or decal printing and can be included in a small gift box which is also customisable and will add value to your promotion.
  • Brands are always expected to include products that customers will find useful for sure and ensure that they are going to be used on a daily basis.
  • This will give the brand exposure and visibility as people might need certain brand products to fulfill their needs. For example, if a beer brand has included these mugs within their promotions, imagine how great it would for a brand to stand out in a daily item they use every day to remember them to purchase their products.