GWP Ideas

Premium GWP: Wolf Blass Limited Edition

GWP promotions help you to boost your sales! Customers love receiving free gifts with their purchases. This makes customers feel valued and that the brand cares for them. What makes a GWP even better is the high-perceived value that the free glassware has.

The wine glass has a high utility value due to its brilliant design and the use of premium quality glass. Therefore some customers may be attracted to the GWP and will be willing to spend more in order to obtain it. This will result in more impulse purchases and will increase the profits for Wolf Blass.

Why do we like this Wolf Blass GWP campaign?

Brand recognition. The logo on the glass will allow you to make yourself known and improve your brand awareness. It is the repetition that persuades your identity in the mind of the customer, and the more he finds himself exposed to your logo, the more easily he will recognise you.

Boost sales. If customers are used to receiving premium gifts each time they buy one of your products, it is certain that they will have a good image of your business and that they will want to consume even more.