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Premium Products: Curved Handle Mugs for your Liquor Brand

This curved handle mug is an incredibly unique take on a regular mug; which makes it a fantastic opportunity for a unique product, be it for a gift with purchase campaign, in an on-pack promotion or even during a giveaway.

What we like about this mug is the unique shape of the curved handle. This makes it more likely that the consumers you give the mug to will remember your brand and relate it to innovative and high quality products, which will produce a positive association between your brand and your customers.

Why use an curved handle mug as a premium gift?

Primarily because it’s an excellent branding opportunity, as you can from the images, any logo or image can be added to the unique mug, which in turn will increase brand awareness and reassures your customers of the quality of your products.

Another aspect to consider when providing consumers with a uniquely shaped mug is that they can be completely customised to match your brand or a specific theme, for example, changes can be made to the logo and images printed on the mug, as well having the option to customise the shape, size and pantone color of the mug. Depending on how it’s customised, the curved handle mug can be made to look like a premium gift, with a much higher perceived value than it actually has.

It’s not only the mug by itself that makes it seem like a high end product, that consumers will feel valued and appreciated to receive, it’s also the packaging. A branded box, to package the mug can really improve its perceived value, making consumers feel appreciated, which leads to a higher likelihood that they’ll make repeat purchases or recommend your brand to others.

Mugs are also often used for very long periods of time, especially if they’re as high quality as these curved handle mugs. Many times they’ll be used in public, such as in the workplace; meaning higher visibility for your brand, which in turn will lead to improved brand awareness.