GWP Ideas

New and Innovative Merchandising: Mixed Material Glassware

A simple wine or champagne glass can radiate timeless elegance. A Mixed Material Glasses are part glass, part silver/gold/copper look. They are perfect to create a classic yet modern atmosphere in a restaurant or bar. Any drink served in these Custom Glasses will get a very luxurious look.

Next to the various different metal colours such as gold and copper look, there are also several options for the glass itself. This makes this premium Glass even more unique. Glasses like these would look very good at weddings or conferences, as it adds a luxurious touch.

Why do we like these Creative Designs for GWP Glassware?

Design Appeal: These glasses all have a very unique and stylish look. Whether they are offered as Gifts with Purchase, or used as a premium Item, they will definitely help boost your brand name!

Increased Brand Value: These unique Glasses look luxurious and trendy. With the addition of your brand name and logo, customers will have a good image of your brand.

Better Brand Remembrance: Offering such unique designs for your premium Giveaway or Bar GWP will make you stand out from other brands who have normal glasses. Customers will definitely remember such a colorful, trendy glass, which may lead to word-of-mouth advertisement.