GWP Ideas

Premium Products: Functional GWP Items

Umbrellas make a great GWP because it is practical for daily use and almost everyone needs to use it. Be it a rainy day or a sunny day, an umbrella would definitely come in handy. The thing that makes this gift a favorite for marketing managers is the fact that it is easy to customise. The umbrella can be made into many different designs to suit your brand image.

Why use umbrellas as a GWP?

An umbrella is a simple product. So why do marketers use umbrellas as marketing gifts? Although people may find it a chore to bring an umbrella out, it is still an essential item when it comes to unforeseen weather. People have high-perceived value of umbrellas as it looks expensive and sturdy. People feel that companies who give umbrellas are generous with their gifts. Furthermore, umbrellas are handy products that everyone would definitely need to use.

Branding your GWP!

Umbrellas can be customized to suit your branding requirements. The color of the umbrellas can be chosen according to your logo or company color. Slogans or contact information can also be printed on the umbrella itself. These branded umbrellas could then be used as free walking advertisements for your company. Enhance brand awareness when people use these umbrellas in public. Those who come across this GWP would then be able to learn about the company. Brand recollection happens when people continually use the umbrella as they need it.

Branded umbrellas are an inexpensive way of gaining more attention for your business. Out of curiosity to what information is printed on the umbrella, people may go closer for a better look. This way, they would be able to understand more about the company. Using items in such a way can help boost sales greatly for the company. Since umbrellas can be carried around anywhere, they may even be used overseas. Brand name of your company would then be even spread beyond your country’s border to other countries.