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Merchandising Ideas: Lapel Pins for Loyal Consumers

Lapel Pins are a great and customisable premium item for any kinds of sports or festive events, especially for awardings & internal giveaways.  Recognise customer loyalty, gifts, giveaways and repeat purchase encouragement.

Advantages: Bespoke shape, material & colour that can make many different types of lapel pin

Cloisonné Pin

  • Jewelry-like appearance with high perceived value
  • Great choice for any design that has clearly separated colours
  • Metal sheet in any preferred colour is stamped to create a raised outline of the design.

The buried areas are then filled with powdery glass-like colour resins where each colour is filled separately and fired in an oven at 1700 degrees. This gives the cloisonné pin a hard, glossy finish that simulates jewel tones.