Innovative Merchandise

Bar Mats: Brand Exposure Redefined

Often, bar runners or mats are overlooked as a strong merchandise idea which can elevate your brand to commercial status, gaining mass attention.

Bar mats are excellent premium products which every alcohol and drinks brand should consider in their marketing campaign. Why is that so?

First of all, bar mats are usually placed at a strategic location of the pub/restaurant – the bar itself, where most customers make their decision on the beverages they would like to order.  Catch that impulse purchase – make yours the first beverage that appears in front of customers and help them with their decision. A bar mat offers not just enhanced exposure to your potential customers, but also great utility to bars using them keeping the counter tops clean and tidy.

 Bar mats are perhaps one of the best products to provoke recognition for your brand to attract customers and get them to notice you. More often than not, they can be your only merchandise to reach out to your customers and establish a connection with them, as they enjoy their beverages over these mats.

Rubber Back PVC Bar Mat   

Fully washable top (water absorbent), with non-slip rubber base; the top is not made of textile, thus washable.  Your brand really stands out with it being in a very prominent part of the mat

You can customize these mats in any colours and sizes as you like and make these mats exclusively yours