Innovative Merchandise, GWP Ideas

Innovative Solutions for your Liquor Brand- Bottle Holders

The best liquor companies always give importance to style when it comes to displaying their bottles in stores and bistros. It is their obligation to create such merchandise to make that possible every time. Although these types of items are not practical when it comes to a normal marketing budget, it is an investment for your brand's image and such rewards will be evident in the long term for sure. 


Bottle containers are quite similar to Glorifiers in a sense that both complement a bottle's appearance from the consumer's perspective. These types of merchandise are effective tools in communicating your company's brand image to your client. Your chosen design is distincly recognised by your target market may it be a rustic or even a modern themed one.  

This type of product relies mostly on the design as it is its main purpose, to attract and astonish. Another plus that you can apply is adding a bit of functionality in your design. Great design can go a long way but it takes a level of functionality to amp up your brand to a consumer's choice of purchase. Adding a functional factor in the merchandise you produce transforms your brand to something they need rather than just something they want. 

In coming up with products to uplift your brand, design should collaborate with function in order to achieve a brand's full potential. In this industry and modernising world, style is just as important as function.