Gifts with Purchase Idea: Passport Holders

In light of the holidays, there is no better item to giveaway than a passport holder! This useful item would no doubt be a cool premium gift for most traveling clients.

The passport – the most important document in of our lives.  Over time it will begin to form creases, cracks, bends and ink rubbing. But in the end, its native cover is made from paper which is not always the most durable material. As a result, after a certain amount of time, the document will lose its visual appeal and to prevent this, and to take care of its security, we have a great GWP idea.

Protect passports from external damage and deterioration – is the main and basic function of a passport holder. These holders will protect it for several years After all, it is not only protective, but also has a decorative element that are definitely able to cheer you up.

Why use Passport Holders for your campaign?

§  Increase competitiveness. It is great idea for liquor companies. You can provide your customers not only with a useful product but also provide a visual of your product and its packaging.Your product will be more competitive than other brands because most customers will search for some interesting promo campaigns during their shopping and most of them will prefer buying a product with an incentive like getting a gift with purchase.

§  Practicality. These passport wallets can serve around three or even more years to your customers. That’s why you need to use it for your campaign because of its long product lifespan.