GWP Ideas

Functional Merchandise Ideas for Seasonal Campaigns

This branded travel pouch is well designed for this brand. Its red color suits perfectly to the company. Also, this brown design makes it seem like it’s very classy and practical. The pouch is big enough to fit all the important items inside so it is not getting too big in the bag of the costumers.

And this pouch is not branded only from the outside, but also from the inside, which makes sure that the costumer will definitely notice the logo and that the brand awareness will definitely increase through this branded travel pouch. There is probably no better way to reach travelers as by providing them with the things they need during their flight.


This may be a great offering for a summer campaign because it is the best time for holidays and trips. In this case everyone needs to have compact and handy travel pouch to fit in all needed toiletries. This premium pouch looks stylish and made of good quality leather. 

Why is this leather pouch effective?

§  Boost your sales. It is often happens that customers have doubts if they really need the product in the shop or not. Therefore this gift with purchase can motivate them to make buy the watch because they will get something more.

§  Enhances brand visibility. This travel campaign has a huge branding area, so you can place your logo, slogan or anything else to achieve better connection with potential customers.

§  Practicality. It is not necessary to use this premium item only for traveling needs, it can also be used with pleasure in customer’s everyday life. In this case this global manufacturer of clothing will increase brand awareness due to permanent using of this branded pouch.