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Merchandising Solutions: Customised Duffel Bag

A duffel bag serves as a practical gift that is suitable for anyone and everyone of all age groups and genders. Although it may seem that this duffel is inclined towards the masculine side, it is in fact just as suitable for the ladies as well! This duffel does not only hold a week worth of clothes but is durable as well. You can also use it on an everyday basis or even bring it along for stay overs or camps.

Brands that offer gifts tend to attract and retain more customers as compared to those that do not. Repeated purchases are often encouraged in anticipation of future promotions that one would not want to miss out! This would in turn generate more sales and revenue for the brand in the long run.

The white brand name stands out from the blue background. With a large surface area to work with, the brand will be captivating with the chic design. Useful and practical, this promo gift is an item we can all use daily, helping to increase marketing efforts.

Imagine seeing someone with a beautiful functional duffel bag, you are prone to find out where it came from. As such, customers turn into walking advertisements for your brand to promote to others.

This custom duffel bag will increase brand awareness and boost sales. The large area allows more customization to be done to the bag such as brand name, logo and key message to bring across.

Most duffel bags are black with a white brand name. To increase brand recognition, you can consider customizing the promo gift with the colour scheme of your brand logo. This will help to increase brand retention in consumers’ minds where they will immediately recognise your brand when they come across your company’s colour scheme!

This GWP does not need to come in the form of a standard duffel bag shape. You can consider interesting shapes like one of an animal, drink bottle or even a certain type of food! This duffel bag is highly customisable to suit the needs of your company products and brand.

Message in a custom Duffel Bag

Other than promoting your brand, this gift serves another purpose in improving the corporate social image of your brand. For example, you can have it in the shape of a cat to increase awareness on the issue of stray animals. Messages can also be printed on the bag to promote this issue and educate the right values to your customers. This way, your are constantly improving your image to customers as well as public when the duffel bags are being used.

A worthy investment with many returns on investment, this promo gift is certainly your choice to consider!