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Great Liquor Promotions – Free Sunglasses with Every Purchase

Get a pair of sunglasses as a bonus gift with every purchase of Wild Turkey’s premier bourbon. This is one of the most popular promotions of Wild Turkey. Sunglasses are a wonderful choice for promo gifts as summer is a constant season where everybody gives importance to how they look under the sun.

Wild Turkey’s emphasis on the limited amount of sunglasses and short promo period encourages purchase. This urgency created deliberately to help increase sales for the company.

Why do promotional giveaways succeed?

Wild Turkey, in their choice of promotional giveaway, has clearly targeted a younger demographic. This type of targeted marketing is much cheaper and more direct, you can save costs by focusing your products on the audience you expect to be customers. For example, you would not find tobacco promotions at the Olympics, but as it is a sports event, you do find advertisements for Nike.

How can free promotional giveaways work for you?

Firstly, who is your audience? If you are targeting a younger demographic then clearly ‘free pens’ is not going to have a good result. However an effective choice in product could be T-shirts/Tote bags/Sunglasses, these are extremely popular and easy to produce cheaply.

Secondly, when branding your products, what is better subtle or overwhelming? In the case of Wild Turkey’s  sunglasses, the branding can be found on the side of the frames. The Wild Turkey brand can be clearly seen yet does not ruin the design of the sunglasses entirely. 

Lastly, and most important, know who your audience is and target them. If you have a specific audience, make sure to pay attention to them, gaining new customers is important but forgetting your key demographic will fail your advertising campaign. Alcohol companies do not be advertise in schools, apart from the illegality, because they have no demographic for their products.