Innovative Merchandise

Merchandise Solutions for Maximised Brand Recognition

A keyring bottle opener comes in so many forms and sizes that sometimes the liquor industry may seem that they are trying too hard to stand out from each other. Why not keep it simple yet still add value to your customers’ purchases?

This simple ring bottle opener best describes my point. With its slick design, the ring bottle opener is still able to shine among the varied bottle openers which was specially made and designed for the Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA) and we knew immediately it would make a great piece of innovative merchandise. 

Its strategic mould from the event's logo adds a bit of flawlessness in creativity. And this is important as usually when you give out premium merchandise like these to your customers, you want them to be reminded of your brand and associate liquor back to your brand. This is exactly what this keyring bottle opener is able to achieve – maximized brand recognition and visibility.

Keyring bottle opener calls for attention easily and you are able to adorn it with your brand’s signature colours for full effectiveness! A keyring bottle opener is very customisable as well in terms of its logo printing options like laser engraving, offset printing, silkscreen printing, soft enamel label etc.