GWP Ideas

Merchandising Solutions for the Modern Market

Premium Powerbanks are common marketing gifts, often given away for free at events or given as incentive products for gifts with purchase. Therefore these products offer the perfect opportunity for Brand Activation. 

Both objects are commonly used, no computer user is without such a USB stick; where as in our increasingly connected world, people are realizing the importance of a portable powerbank. These objects provide the perfect opportunity for brand activation and increase customer awareness of your brand. 

Powerbanks can be customized into any shape, with flexibility in the ability to highlight your particular company’s brand design. Artistic fusion and integration with your brand serves many purposes. It increases productivity, efficiency, though most importantly people enjoy decorations.

Designs to be used to help with brand activation can be various, choosing eye catching and original designs will appeal to potential customers. The more unique the design, the more a potential customer is likely to remember your brand and use your premium merchandise, thereby helping with your brand activation. 

In summary, the best use of premium Powerbanks in brand activation is by offering those that have been specially designed. Merely offering a generic unoriginal product nowadays is not enough to market your brand and achieve brand activation.

Focusing on eye catching and original designs or designs that play to the strength of your brand are imperative when achieving brand activation.