GWP Ideas

Premium Liquor GWP ideas: Scented Candles

The wax candle is about 8cm in diameter. The interesting design and especially the frosted glass jar gives it a rich and luxurious feel that your customers will appreciate. It is perfumed with a delicate aroma and the supplier offers a wide choice of fragrances. There are natural smells such as, “rose”, “vanilla”, “sandalwood”, “cinnamon”, “lemon”, “pineapple”, “orange”, “ocean breeze”, “green tea”, “jasmine”, etc.A perfumed candle will help create a unique and warm atmosphere in the house and give off a romantic mood.

The candle looks absolutely stunning. Simple product, but the nice aroma and design make it very charming. Matte glass gives the feeling of the silky surface and it only amplifies the luxury of the item.

Don’t forget to place the logo on the glass for better visibility. For such products, one of the best methods for printing is the silk screen method. Use special colours for the logo or for the design of the box, matching your corporate pantone. The candle itself comes in a high-end packaging – carton box, which can be fully customized with your design. It will help to increase the perceived value of the gift. 

The boxed candle suits any seasonal marketing campaign. It can be perfectly used as a gift for your VIP customers, gift with purchase or as purchase with purchase. This aroma candle is an absolutely amazing candle promo gift – it is useful and has a great quality and customers will be very happy to get one.