Outdoor events - Branded Umbrellas

Widely used by many companies, promotional umbrellas are a popular way for establishing brand awareness – People normally gain a strong initial impression based on what they see.


These umbrellas are widely used in outdoor sporting events, tradeshows, open air concerts etc.

These products are:

> Easy to setup

> Can be folded into a compact shape

> Lightweight

> Portable

> Water Proof

In addition, promotional umbrellas can be used in conjunction with POS displays like outdoor banners or promotional flags.  They can be combined with complete outdoor entertainment supplies packaged along with beer tables, mobile kiosks or kitchens, giant mascots etc.

Merch and Effect is able to fully customise such promotional umbrellas to suit your event- from a simple one, to one that is complex looking. Moreover, it is an ideal surface for large photo-quality graphics to be displayed.

Such a promotional umbrella is able to attract people, building on a focal point for your business.