Innovative Merchandise

Functional Marketing Tools: Promotional Flip Flops

Flip flops are perfect as a marketing tool. Promotional flip flops are light, compact and highly customisable. This is why it is great for on-pack promotional gift. Flip flops are great for free advertising as well. Here are some ideas on how you can use flip flops as a marketing gift

Free Advertising

Take a look at these Aperol flip flops. This is an example of how to execute a free advertising strategy. When you walk on the sand with this pair of  flip flops, you will ‘stamp’ the sand with its sole. Customise the sole of your promotional flip flops to facilitate free advertising. Don’t dwell on the fact that the print on the sand won’t last forever; think about the number of people that will see your brand as it lasts! It is definitely an unusual sight of seeing a logo stamped on the sand. People will marvel at how creative you are in getting to them.

Innovative Promotional Flip Flop

When planning what kind of slippers to offer to your customers, put them in the centre spotlight. Think about how the product will benefit your customer. These slippers are great for travelers. Customers can use it as house slippers in their hotel rooms. Creating your next promotional product should always put functionality above anything else.