Innovative Merchandise

Marketing Gift Ideas: Customised shapes of USB sticks

USB sticks are common marketing gifts, often given away for free at events or given as incentive products for gifts with purchase. Merch and Effect is happy to introduce customised shapes of USB as marketing gifts for your liquor brand.  Basically, USBs can be customised into any shape of your company’s products with its versatile characteristic.

Why would you use your brand icon for USB Marketing Gifts?

The USB in cross shape made for Lisa McGuigan Wines can be given out as promo gifts during wine related events or simply as GWP to customers.  Special shapes of USBs are a cost effective marketing gift to advertise your liquor product – which is a very popular accessory for everyone in the modern age. Unique promotional items would definitely be able to attract the attention of people and bring out a sense of practicality amidst the quality of your liquor brand.


The Appeal of a special shape of USB as a Marketing Tool.

Merch and Effect  as a product design company is dedicated to discover new and innovative ways on how different wine companies adapt the USB flash drive into their promotional marketing.  Customised shapes of USB as marketing gifts would be great and timely for all the brands of alcohol companies, which is a good way to remind customers of the product as well as the brand.