Wine Merchandise for Corporate Events/Promotional Campaigns

Promotional bags and glasses make great promotional items especially with wine promos, and these are often used as GWP Promos by many beverages companies around the world.

Merch and Effect previously designed and produced this premium wine box for Penfolds.

Why are wine promos good for increasing your sales?

Brand Awareness. This promotional item is displayed on the shelves which contain rows and rows of different wines, capturing the attention of any customer who walks by. In such a classy display, customers will also take notice of what Penfolds is promoting, and this will make the brand more memorable.

High-end wine promos such as this one by Penfolds are definitely suitable for corporate events, which can be used as a design to decorate the ballroom as well as a wine container. Its intricate stitching adds value to this promotional product, however there was no form of branding on it, which would leave a great opportunity for you to personalise and further promote your brand image and awareness.

Here at Merch and Effect, we specialise in promotional and premium merchandise products, so feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries about designing your own wine promotion, and in-store display.