Cool Ways to Showcase your Brand

The success to any liquor brand lies on its ability to be seen in the most subtle way available. One can easily parade their brand onto the consumer’s vision but cannot be certain that it can effectively promote their brand.

In essence, it is not about the quantity that you put up for your brand but rather the quality of merchandise you invest on. Choosing the right type of merchandise and investing on its aesthetics is definitely an effective way to showcase your brand. Though it may be a little costly but it is well worth the whole investment. In marketing any product, one must learn to invest for the brand rather than playing it safe and be content with its outcome.

The will to innovate and create unique merchandise does not come easy. It will always go back to your passion for your own brand. Once that passion has been identified, it can be a smooth flowing process for the development of your product.


This Boston shaker by Jim Beam subtly showcases its brand in the most practical way. Whenever we are in a bar, it is natural for us to look at what the bartender is preparing with his hands. Jim Beam used this natural habit for their own advantage as they strategically put their logo on the side of this Boston Shaker. You may think that it is just simple merchandise with a brand’s logo on it. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.


In finding ways and coming up with new innovations, strategy should always come first. Merch and Effect allows your brand to strategically plan your every move for your liquor brand. Creativity is pointless without strategy; that is what M&E can definitely offer, strategic innovation.