Wine Openers and Brand Pairings

Wine openers come hand in hand with wine products and is considered a necessity that is why they make great gifts. There are many ways to create a wine opener that uniquely embodies your brand. Merch and Effect has an extensive range of materials and design ideas, now it's just a matter of choosing which one will fit perfectly for what your brand and the customers need. This is a fine example of a functional gift that will certainly be used by your customers for a long time.

Waiter's Friend Corkscrew

This tool is truly a waiter's friend and comes in handy for opening bottles. Used by bartenders and sommeliers, this tool has a small knife to cut foils and wine packagings. 

Although a lot of these has plastic coverings where you can brand it, you can opt for other materials such as wood and metal and have your brand engraved or printed. 

Wing Style

This tool works with a lever and a gear, and with a few simple twists, you can easily open your wine bottles. This wing style wine opener can also be made with a variety of materials such as nickel-plated steel. It is suggested to stick with metal materials for this kind of tool to increase its longevity. Its unique humanlike form offers fun ways to revise its form to create something quirky and unique for your brand.


A handle and two metal blades make up this useful tool. This is usually used for wine that has been kept for a long time. As corks tend to crumble when you attempt to screw into them, some of the debris might get into your wine.

This tool slides its blades on the sides of the cork, and with a little pressure, you'll be able to take the cork out. The metal sheath makes an excellent template to place your design. This is ideal for brands selling vintages.

Electrical Corkscrew

Electrical corkscrews are sure to impress anyone plus bodies offer a lot of space for integrating your brand's design and logo. This kind of corkscrew automatically pulls out and releases corks. Easier and quicker to use, this is ideal for more modern themed brands and bars. They also make excellent gifts.

Each wine opener matches what kind of image your brand has whether it be rustic, vintage, or modern. Not sure what materials to use and what look to go for? This is Merch and Effect's expertise: to come up with something that truly belongs to your brand and translates its image even through small items such as the essential opener.